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Individual packaging or bulk?
Your choice

An individual 2.5 kg package with your own private label or an industrial 1 ton octabin size? Whichever option you choose: our vegetables are always freshly-frozen and delicious. In each and every pack. 


Pillow bags

  • standard pillow bag (standard PE or laminated)
  • steam-able film printed
  • 450g - 2.5kg

Stand-alone bags

  • stand-up pouch
  • steam-able stand-up pouch
  • standable bags (side gusset)

Cardboard boxes

  • Carton with PE-liner
  • content: 1x10 kg


  • bulk packing
  • content: 800 to 900kg

Alternative packaging? Of course!

Do you have specific requirements or ideas for your packaging? We can probably help. In most cases, we are able to provide a suitable solution. Talk to us about your required options and test our flexibility.