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From seed to freshly-frozen vegetables.

From seed to frozen vegetable. Our freshly-frozen products are grown with love and made into ready to use ingredients for the food industry.



With the rhythm of the seasons and the natural resources of the Aquitaine as ingredients. That is how our vegetables grow. Our farmers – often with generations of experience behind them – examine each growth phase with the greatest precision and pay great attention to the environment. By choosing variations in the fields yield, they continuously maintain the soil’s strength and energy.



When Mother Nature decides the time is ripe, the harvesting starts. And only then. Specialised agricultural machinery preserves the delicate beauty of the crop. To ensure the delicious, fresh taste, it goes directly from the field into processing. Where each crop is readied to be washed, accurately recorded and maintained.


Peeling, washing, chopping

After washing, it is time to peel if necessary. With a fine peeler and minimal loss, which goes without saying. The cutting is done to measure. Thick or thin. Cut, sliced or diced. Everything is possible. If the vegetable is perfect as it is, then it goes straight to blanching. 


Blanching and freezing

Thanks to a quick plunge into boiling water followed by cold water, each vegetable retains its crunchy texture and deliciousness. Blanching deactivates enzymes and microorganisms, and it retains the full colour and natural energy. This method ensures everything is ready for the flowfreezer: where an ice-cold air stream cools the vegetables down to -18 °C in just a few minutes. The rapid temperature exchange preserves all the delicious vitamins. Down to the very core.


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