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Long live the artisan frozen food specialties

Antarctic Foods or Antarctic Foodies? While Antarctic Foods specializes in freshly frozen vegetables for food producers, Antarctic Foodies promotes all artisan delights with a link to freezing. Antarctic Foodies brings traditional specialties closer to the consumer.

Regional glory thanks to passion

Life is delicious. That's for sure. Small, local businesses and artisan craftsmen work day and night to ensure fair and sustainable preparations of delicious products. Antarctic Foodies brings their passion and taste to the general public, so everyone can enjoy culinary delights.


On the menu at home and abroad

Antarctic Foodies unites frozen specialties for sale. Not as a producer, but as a distributor of shrimp croquettes filled with North Sea grey shrimp (Crangon crangon), original Flemish cauliflower or carottes des sables (carrots from sandy soil) from the Aquitaine. This way, we prove that fresh and traditional go hand in hand with the culinary world and the frozen food industry. Thanks to recipes and collaborations, we put regional delicacies on the menu, at home and abroad. And yes, so can you, quite literally.

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