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A new name with deep roots

As a specialist in frozen vegetables, Antarctic Foods is a new name. But make no mistake: behind the new name is hidden years of experience dating back to the pioneers of the industry.


Ground-breaking in vegetables 

After clearing away World War I debris, Marcel Dejonghe, a farmer's son, sets up as a trader in the West Flanders city of Westrozebeke. His sons discover the necessity of using vegetables – such as peas, beans, and young carrots – in the region's canning industry and become known as the 'karotekot' ('carrot shed'). Until they detect new opportunities. From now on, frozen vegetables become the focus. We are in 1965 and Pinguïn becomes a fact. The supply is extended and the company flourishes. In the early 90s, a new generation takes over. Enter Herwig Dejonghe.



Welcome at the carrot barn of France

In 1995, the search for new collaborations, brings Herwig Dejonghe and Pinguïn to South West France: Aquitaine. Here, in the carrot barn of France, they take their first international steps together. The exceptional lands, the experience of the local farmers combined with the freezing technology from Westrozebeke lead to a unique collaboration. From now on, carrots that do not meet the formal requirements of the local fresh market get a new lease of life. They are transformed into delicious and tasty ingredients for all kinds of preparations. Henceforth, the French farmers and the Belgian freezer specialists form one front.



Welcom to Antarctic Foods

Back to the roots. While Pinguïn and later Greenyard Foods have grown into international players under his wing, Herwig Dejonghe follows his heart in 2014. It is time again for his first love: the carrots and the Aquitaine. The enthusiasm is too great, the exceptional region too alluring. From now on, the French agriculture story that he sculpted and started is to be taken into his own hands. Welcome to Antarctic Foods.



The carrot specialist

With reference to the icy temperatures of frozen vegetables, Antarctic Foods focuses on the ecological agriculture and flexible production processes in the Southern European market. As a supplier for food producers, the objective is clear: being the carrot specialist all year round with thanks to the experience of generations, the mild temperatures and excellent conditions of the Aquitaine region.