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Fresh and sustainable vegetables. Every day of the year…

To the rhythm of nature and the seasons, we grow and harvest fresh vegetables. Thanks to the natural cooling process, you can enjoy their delicious flavours all year round. Nature pure, as it should be.


Farmers are the basis

Local farmers are directly involved in Antarctic Foods. In fact, the local agricultural cooperative is a co-owner. This way, we are in direct contact with the individual farmer, with respect for the professional skill and independence of each farmer. The deliberate choice of the shortest chain, brings consumers and producers closer together.


A natural agricultural climate

The Aquitaine climate is the most sustainable condition for farming: the constant sea breeze reduces the risk of foliar diseases, the pure groundwater makes additives superfluous and an early cultivation minimizes weed growth. This is nature at its best: a sustainable, perpetual cycle without human interference. Thanks to the mild temperatures, Mother Nature creates the finest harvests for ten months each year. 


Every vegetable counts

What is natural, is always tasty. Vegetables that do not pass the daily market inspection because of a curve or slight imperfection are processed to become ready-made ingredients for all kinds of preparations and applications. This way, nothing is lost and the world can enjoy the best of what nature produces. That too is sustainability.

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