Why buying and consuming frozen vegetables should make you feel good?

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Frozen vegetables contain as much nutrients as ‘fresh’ vegetables. We manage to seal in their nutrients and minerals by individually quick freezing the vegetables immediately after harvest. ‘Fresh’ vegetables or fruit bought in the supermarket have often travelled a long way before they reach the shop. Moreover, the odds are  that you will also keep them in your refrigerator for a while, before you eat them. Consequently, a lot of essential nutrients are lost.

Frozen vegetables are a great solution to eat more vegetables, they are so handy and easy to use and safe time preparing good, healhty food. Fry your portion of vegetables quickly in a pan or make your fresh soup. This in 5 minutes time.

Frozen vegetables are thé most local, seasonal vegetables ever! The vegetables grow on the fields in open air in the season when they grow best. When Nature decides they are ready, the vegetables are harvested with care and processed in the factory next to the fields.

And last but not least, frozen vegetables are the answer to food waste. You only use the portion needed, the rest you can keep in the freezer. Did you know that Antarctic foods was founded as a company in cooperation with the fresh market for carrots who did not make it to the supermarket? Read more about the story here.